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2021/1 22 08:13

Part of the information request is issued by the SEC Compliance Inspection Office. Once violations are found, they will report to the agency's law enforcement department. In fact, some cryStart Bitcoin walletptocurrency hedge funds have received subpoenas from SEC law enforcement agencies and have the right to make penalties. PeterVanValkenburgh, Head of Research at CoinCenter, said:

At 2:16 am on November 16th, Beijing time, the BCH hard fork came to an end, which was divided into BCHABC and BCHSV. Affected by the hard fork event, the overall market of the digital currency market began to fluctuate sharply on November 15. The decline of mainstream currencies triggered a panic effect in the digital currency market, with more than 90 currencies in the top 100 currencies falling in market value.

The data released by Skew shows that since the end of April, the trading volume of the Bitcoin futures market on major exchanges has remained at a relatively high level. In the past two weeks, there have been three trading days and the volume of goods has reached a record high except for the extreme market on March 113. Beyond the peak level, in addition, the volume data has closed above the long-term average level for more than a week.

Bitcoin and Ethereum, as typical representatives of blockchain 1.0 and 0, have encountered Waterloo on the road to commercialization, and it is still difficult to move towards practicality. The first reason is that the scalability is insufficient, the performance is limited, and it cannot be satisfied. Use requirements at the beginning of the project design.

But Bitcoin changed the rules of the game. Buyers buy drugs but cannot know the identity of the seller. The seller mailed vacuum-packed cocaine, heroin or LSD to an unfamiliar address, and knew nothing about the buyer's identity. Bitcoin's anonymous digital wallet is one of the links, but the Silk Road website adds another layer of confidentiality. The site temporarily hosts every payment, and it has developed an internal bank called the Bitcoin Tumbler to make any transaction from wallet A to wallet B difficult to track.

When the mStart Bitcoin walletarket was in an eventful period and traders gritted their teeth awaiting major news about Bitcoin ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), XBTProviderAB, the first Bitcoin ETN (Exchange Traded Notes) provider, began to continue its expansion in the cryptocurrency world.

Not only that, the price volatility of other traditional assets in 2020 is also very high (although slightly lower than that of Bitcoin). For example, the actual volatility of the S&P 500 index increased sharply in the last week of January. This Wednesday (February 19) ) Reached 16%; gold price volatility doubled to 18% in the first ten days of January, and then fell back to around 10% at the beginning of this month.

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