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2021/1 28 04:51

FrancesCoppola: Many investors believe that the implementation of quantitative easing monetary policy and fiscal stimulus measures in the United States will lead to the devaluation of the fiat currency, the US dollar. Therefore, cryptocurrencies (especially cryptocurrencies with limited supply, such as Bitcoin) as an inflation hedge will become more and more available Attractive. In my opinion, a key market factor in 2021 is whether the United States will cancel the loose monetary and fiscal stimulus policies. If they are cancelled, it may cause Bitcoin to fall. There are also interest rates. Whether the Fed will raise or lower interest rates will affect the rise and fall of Bitcoin prices. The reason why Bitcoin can rise sharply depends largely on the fact that there are too many additional US dollars, so there is no return on investment in US dollars. However, if the central bank tightens monetary policy while the government tBitcoin koersakes action to reduce the deficit, then Bitcoin's inflation hedging effect will be greatly reduced, and market attractiveness may decline rapidly.

OpenFinance has spread the rights of social experimentation (currency issuance, banking, exchange, insurance and other financial experiments) that human beings need to shed blood and sacrifice for hundreds of years on a global scale in just two years. I I feel that this impact has just begun, and stablecoins are the decisive battlefield of DeFi and the finalmoment of the entire digital currency.

Ripple announced on Monday that it has established partnerships with 17 universities, including the University of North Carolina, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Pennsylvania. Through the University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI), Ripple will donate US$50 million for the research and development of blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital payments.

…The SEC does not approve of this proposed rule change because, as described below, cryptocurrency exchanges have not met the requirements of Section 6(b) of the Exchange Act, nor have they fulfilled the SEC’s purpose of preventing Rules of fraud and market manipulation behaviors and practices.

In 2013, Chris Dixon joined the venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz, and at that time boldly made his first blockchain investment, investing in Ripple. Since then, he has been leading AndreessenHorowitz's investment in the blockchain field. Regarding the legendary experience of ChrisDixon, ChainNews has separately made a detailed report: The market is declining and confidence is collapsing. Why does a16z boldly bet?

With the rapid development of tokens, how to incorporate it into the existing financial regulatory system or formulate a new regulatory framework for it is a problem that governments of all countries need to face. The United States has adopted an active and functional regulatory trend, issued more detailed regulatory guidelines, emBitcoin koersphasized the establishment of consumer rights protection and anti-money laundering rules, and embodied the following five priorities in the process of token compliance.

Third, it is difficult for smart contracts to deal with incomplete contracts (incomplete contracts). Humans are boundedly rational, it is impossible to foresee all possible situations in the future, and even if they foresee, they cannot be written into the contract, so the contract is destined to be incomplete. This is the reason why there are exceptions to legal contracts in reality and the need for judicial arbitration when disputes occur. As a computer protocol, smart contracts are difficult to deal with incomplete contracts.

On February 9, Dr. Craig S. Wright (hereinafter referred to as Satoshi Aomoto) self-certified that "I am Satoshi Nakamoto" published the second article. The content attributed the reason why Satoshi Nakamoto had been anonymous in the past to "because of The court charges evidence collection work and other roles played by government departments are not allowed to disclose identity."