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Fit to Be Tied…

  • Have you been frustrated trying to make a splice in modern synthetic fiber rope?
  • Have you struggled to set a thimble into rope smoothly and tightly?
  • Are you a sailor who needs to create rigging that will resist wear and fraying?
  • Are you a rancher, farmer or rider who needs to be able to make useful stock-handling accessories from rope, such as halters or bridles?
  • Are you a craftsperson tired of frayed nerves and sore fingers?

Fid-O/McGrew offers a complete line of products for all your splicing needs:

  • The Fid-O© Splicing Tool – for splicing twisted fiber ropes (manila, nylon, etc.)
  • bullet The Super Snake© – for splicing double-braided lines.
  • bullet Instructional Video – learn how to create many kinds of splices and knots in various types of line.

For specialty splicing, write or call for information about our complete line of splicing tools:

Fid-O/McGrew Splicing Tool Company
8120 Rio Linda Blvd.
Elverta, CA 95626-9533

Phone: (916) 991-1142
Fax: (916) 991-2761

See Techniques for how to set a thimble

Fid-O/McGrew Splicing Tool Co. reserves the right to change its products, and their specifications, at any time, without notice or obligation.

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