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Here are just a few of the many uses of the patented Fid-O© splicing tool:

(1) Button knot

(2) Loose strand coming up through the Fid-O handle in the center of a Turk’s head knot    (3) Large double button knot       (4) Quick-release becket, open & (5) Quick-release becket, closed (6) A Fid-O braid-to-twisted rope becket, named for the S size Fid-O, which will readily splice both 3/8″ ski rope and twisted rope.

A Stock Halter can be quickly made from 14 feet of 1/2″ rope, using an M size Fid-O, as shown below:

(1) Allowing sufficient rope  for the length of the nose band, the Fid-O handle is lifting a single strand to start the crossover eye splice used under the animal’s jaw.
(2) The Fid-O is passed under an opposing single strand; the long lead rope end passes through the handle of the Fid-O to form an eye without cutting a strand. 
(3) Three strands on the end of the nose band are twisted out to form the 3 loops shown resting around the Fid-O handle ready to make the crow’s foot splice. 
(4) The end of the lead rope is started through the crow’s foot. Leading it through the waiting eye now will reduce the time needed to make a halter.

Make decorative knots with little extra effort

A Turk’s head knot laid in 1/2″ rope is transformed into a Turk’s Turban with the S size Fid-O by bringing the loose strands out the middle of the knot.

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