The Super Snake

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The Super Snake

The Super Snake has a flexible steel cable handle with a hook on the end.  It is specially designed for splicing double braid rope.

  • Made of stainless steel.
  • One size does it all for small boat owners.

The long, flexible handle makes it possible for the tool to be inserted inside either the inner (core) or outer (jacket) braid, so that either braid may be drawn through the other, making possible strong, durable splices, such as the classic FLEMISH EYE.

This technique uses the principle of dividing the rope at the throat of the eye before the splice is laid, so both the inner and outer halves of the rope can encircle the outside perimeter of the eye from opposite directions, before their loose ends are tucked.  This procedure not only distributes the load equally to both sides of the eye, it also makes any load on the line increase the friction between the rope’s yarns, which increases the strength with which they grip each other.

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