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Setting a thimble – An eye splice can be laid tight to a thimble with over-and-under tucks. Excessive abrasion of the # 2 strand at the throat can be avoided if the strands are first unlaid and placed in the position shown.

The trick is to tuck the strand closest to the throat of the eye first (like the 1st tuck of a sailmaker’s eye splice), pulling it into place as tight to the thimble as possible.

Because the Fid-O does not distort the previously laid tucks, the sometimes difficult reverse tuck of the # 3 strand becomes easy to make and will come out level with the other strands.

Anytime the 3 strands come out level around the splice, the next round of tucks can be started with any strand, continuing until the desired number of tucks has been completed.

The 2nd over-and-under tuck is made with the same strand, which locks the thimble into place. When the next strand below the throat is tucked, it will come out on the same level with the strand previously tucked twice. 

Knots found in Ashley’s or other fancy knot-tying manuals become easier to duplicate with the Size S Fid-O. It not only opens the strands, its handle holds them open, as shown here.

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