The Fid-O Splicing Tool

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The Fid-O Splicing Tool

The rigger’s most essential tool

A tapered wooden spike called a ‘fid’ is the traditional splicing tool commonly used for splicing natural fiber twisted rope.  We know that it dates back at least to Roman times: examples of the device have been found in the ruins of Pompei, preserved under the solidified ash that entombed the town when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D.  The tool continued in use, virtually unchanged, well into the 20th century.  The traditional tool, however, does not work as well on synthetic fiber ropes introduced in the latter half of the century, so in 1972, James McGrew, a long-time Navy man, created the Fid-O© splicing tool, which works equally well for natural or synthetic fiber rope.

The patented Fid-O© splicing tool is a device for splicing twisted fiber ropes (manila, nylon, etc.) that resembles a ‘sailmaker’s pricker’ made of Cycolac® ABS plastic.  Its tapered end has a special spade point that makes it easier to separate strands of rope without tearing the individual fibers.  The other end features a removable hollow handle that holds the strands of rope open.   Rope ends to be spliced are inserted through the handle, which is then removed, making it easy to splice even the stiffest line.  (The Fid-O logo, at right, shows the first step in making a simple splice.  Note how the hollow handle forms the “O” in “Fid-O”.)

Great for nautical, stock-handling and crafts uses. Instructions included.
Can be used with equal ease whether you are right- or left-handed.

The tool comes in two sizes, for splicing rope of various dimensions:
Size S – splices 5/8″ and smaller twisted rope and 3/8″ hollow braid (water ski) rope.
Size M – splices 3/4″ to 1 1/8″ diameter rope (used for stock halters, for example).

A Sample of the Tool’s Many Uses

The Fid-O Splicing Tool
Quick-release becket
Fancy button
Quick-release becket
Button with looped end

Instructions Included

The Fid-O Splicing Tool comes  with a complete set of instructions for making many kinds of splices – no need to buy an additional, expensive book! The sheet included with each Fid-O tool features clear, well-labeled drawings with simple step-by-step instructions (see example below).

The booklet includes instructions for making many basic and specialized splices, including:
Simple Eye splice
Sailor’s ‘Flat Eye’ splice
Sailmaker’s ‘thimble-setting’ eye splice
Short splice
Back splice
Tree climber’s back splice
Crossover eye splice
Splicing 3-strand rope to chain, snaps or rings
Butt splice
It also includes some fancy work, such as:

The button knot
The Fid-O hitch
The double loop eye splice
The crow’s foot
Making large eyes in poly ski rope

All in all, this is a super value for an indispensable rope-working tool!

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